Mercedes IPOD / UMI Multimedia

When connected into the car, Mercedes iPod emulates a CD changer (usually, sometimes it’s an auxiliary input), and the radio accepts the music signal sent into it by the iPod or USB and plays it back through the audio system speakers. You can control your iPod from the steering wheel in the normal way, and once you’ve selected the music you want, you can skip a track you don’t like by using the FFWD button on your radio or steering wheel.

All Mercedes IPod kits come with a comprehensive user manual, but if you need to get started quickly, select the CD changer function, plug your iPod into the dock cable or cradle and you will have music instantly with your iPod being charged on the move.


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Mercedes IPod Kit - Dension GW500
Mercedes IPod Gateway 500 Gateway 500 is a digital device, using fibre optic connection..