Multimedia AV

Concept Automotive can provide you with the latest in-car multimedia technology; whether it’s a simple setup or a bespoke package, we can tailor the setup to your exact requirements.

Our Roof Mount Screens range from 7inch to 15inch and are available in different colours to match the interior of your car. You can also specify an all-in-one Roof Mount Screen for vehicles which are limited in space.

Our Headrest Screen Package is a bespoke setup, as we install the LCD screens into your existing headrests which are trimmed using an exact leather match. Leather trimming on headrests are only required and carried out if the vehicle is equipped with active or hardback headrests.

All setups can be specified with either a single DVD player or a 6 disc DVD player.

Games consoles from leading brands can also be integrated in to your multimedia setup - complete with wireless controls for you to enjoy endless gaming hours on your journey.

The sound for all our multimedia equipment is transmitted wirelessly through our latest Dual RF Comfort Headphones, so all users can enjoy their own individual entertainment.


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